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Try a Little Soul Revival at a Pennsylvania Spa
January may be one of the shortest months of the year, but the cold temps may conspire to bring you down. Our solution? A spa-tacular visit.
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Omni Bedford Springs Resort's Springs Eternal Spa.
Omni Bedford Springs Resort's Springs Eternal Spa.

Winter treatments serve to inspire and rejuvenate. Get your pep back in your step - at one of five retreats in Pennsylvania that can help reinvigorate the spirit, and reacquaint you with your inner self.

The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley
The brochure says it best: Destination me. Tranquility abides here. Enter the Garden Hall, the ultimate in indulgence and replenishment. Gentle music sounds.

Opt this January for the Moisture Drench facial, a deeply hydrating treatment to help improve elasticity and promote vibrant looking skin.

The Himalayan Institute, Honesdale
This may be giving you too much information, but I'm pouring a saltwater solution through one nostril and out another, using a pot like those cow creamers that spout milk from their mouths. And I'm thinking, "This is enlightening?"

I'm learning how to achieve joyful living.

For 30 years, the Himalayan Institute has taught practices promising a healthy body, clear mind and joyful spirit. It bridges Eastern and Western traditions so that guests find clarity and vitality through yoga, meditation and holistic health.

People come to the Institute to recover from illnesses, navigate life transitions or find spiritual renewal. When I emerge from my trance-like state brought on by a yoga session, I carry the positive feeling all day. It's an ancient technique for coping with modern life, and a way of life here in Upstate PA.

Hotel Hershey, Hershey
There's no such thing as chocolate overload, when you try the Chocolate Immersion at The Chocolate Spa at Hotel Hershey. The Sweetest Place on Earth is inside the treatment room, featuring a chocolate bean polish and chocolate fondue wrap.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Bedford
Hope for some healing does spring eternal here at the Springs Eternal Spa, where they use natural spring water from nearby mineral springs. First used by local Native Americans for their healing properties, go for the Relaxing Ritual, combining a body wrap and bamboo rod massage. Your skin will be soft and velvety. Your mind - relaxed and refocused.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington
My boneless body drifts on a buoyant sea. Waves float me to a place of tranquility. My energies are aligned. The Dream Catcher massage, designed by Nemacolin therapists begins with Native American rituals - burning herbs to banish negativity and a cranial massage to release stress. Then comes the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, when the therapist's arms roll over me.

I am rejuvenated.

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