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Hunter Education in Pennsylvania
A hunting education will take you to the front of the class.
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There’s a lot to learn about hunting, but we can make easier. Luckily, all first-time hunters and trappers, too, must complete a basic hunter education class before buying a license and going afield. These Pennsylvania Game Commission-sponsored classes include lessons on:

  • Hunting responsibly
  • Firearm and hunting safety
  • Basic and advanced hunting techniques
  • Trapping basics While there, check out some other great learning opportunities like our Mentored Youth Hunting and Junior Pheasant Hunting programs. 

After the basics, let us show you even more! The Game Commission offers advanced hunter education classes including Successful Turkey Hunting, Successful Bowhunting and Successful Furtaking with new courses coming soon. We’ll give you lots of tips and pointers which otherwise could take a lifetime to learn. 

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