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Doing a school project and need to learn all about Pennsylvania? Here’s a snapshot:

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Pennsylvania is the 6th most populated state, located in the Mid-Atlantic Region and surrounded by six states, including New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware.

Capital: Harrisburg

Motto: Virtue, liberty and independence

Nickname: Keystone State

10 largest cities:

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Allentown
  4. Erie
  5. Reading
  6. Scranton
  7. Bethlehem
  8. Lancaster
  9. Harrisburg
  10. Altoona

Geographic center: In Centre Co., 2 1/2 mi. SW of Bellefonte

Number of counties: 67 

State forests: more than 2 million acres

State parks: 120

State symbols:

Flower: mountain laurel

Tree: hemlock

Bird: ruffed grouse

Dog: Great Dane

Colors: blue and gold

Song:  “Pennsylvania”